Brimming with authentic industrial elements, the raw modernism trend is unfussy, cuts down on the clutter and redefines what’s important, truly exploring the notion of “less is more”. Think concrete, metals, wood and unpainted walls. This honest, unfinished and down-to-earth style looks like it’s here to stay – and we can’t be more pleased! Here are 5 reasons why we are going to be sticking with this style for a while:

1) Easy to start with
You know when you’ve just moved into a new place and have not decided how you want to design your new home? Well, embracing its unfinished look, while you take your time to plan, is one budget-friendly way to do it. You can leave walls unpainted, floors bare, copper pipes exposed, giving an unpolished and unrefined quality to your home to exude an effortless and laid-back vibe. Our favourite part is, it really is effortless!

(Photo: Marjon Hoogervorst)


2) Evokes a Homely Vibe
By mixing organic and natural elements such as concrete floors, softened with wood furnishings, it boasts natural beauty, comfort and cosiness to your living space, becoming a place to truly call home.

(Photo: Marjon Hoogervorst)

3) Great for Mix-and-Match
Usually made up of muted, natural tones such as greys thrown in with warm browns and creams, the neutral colour palette makes it easy for some mixing and matching without feeling like it's too heavy or fussy.

4) Keep your favourite pieces in the limelight
The neutral colour palette lets your key furniture pieces take the foreground, allowing for brightly-coloured items and funky textures to pop in contrast. So go ahead and get creative – experiment with different combinations to create a space that’s original and truly yours.

(Photo: Marjon Hoogervorst)

5) Sustainable Style

Beyond just the style itself, sustainability and fair trade is at the heart of anything that’s going to stay for long. As we all become more conscious and aware of how we live, making choices like reclaimed wood and recycled concrete (yes, it exists!) seems like an obvious choice in doing our part to help the environment.

And as a quick little bonus tip: We say just go for it! You can always add on a coat of paint later, but for now, embrace and enjoy the most basic form of industrial aesthetic.

(This is the first in a series of posts contributed by our friends at Bloesem, exclusively for Home & Decor readers.)


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