Despite its popularity among men, the Industrial design style is not one that's usually preferred by women. That is perfectly understandable because the look itself was originally inspired by real factory spaces – not exactly the kind of look every homemaker desires for their dream abode surely.  

What's more, many interior designers have made the dire mistake of going overboard with the theme. The result is a home that not only looks like a warehouse, it feels just as cold, raw and unfriendly. 

But done right, and with some panache, the Industrial look can be just as warm and pleasing to the eye as the classic contemporary or even resort style. Here are five prime examples of how homes with an Industrial theme can be surprisingly alluring. Perhaps the women will get it after all. 


1) A space with lots of life

One way to avoid turning an Industrial-themed home into a cold space is to bring in signs of life, in this case the oversized painting of the family pet serves as a highlight in the living room. The furry form of the animal also helps to break up the straight lines in the room. 

(Design: The Inside Job)


2) Plenty to show


Personalising the space is a great way to soften up the look of an Industrial-theme home. The display wall created along this corridor helps to show off the homeowner's Lego-creations, adding a playful twist to an otherwise serious-looking walkway. 

(Design: The Scientist)


3) Let nature take its course

Who says an Industrial look has to be hard-edged all the time? Here' the screed floor and long benches are complemented by a large floral centerpiece. The colours of the blooms are repeated in the choice of the soft furnishing, tying the entire scheme together harmoniously. 

(Design: Piu Design)


4) Pops of colour 

It's easy to shake up a bold Industrial look just by adding in bits of colour highlights around the space. Here the bright hue of the Le Creuset pot instantly livens up the industrial kitchen setup.

(Design: Dwell Interior Design)


5) Think out of the  box

Intrepid designers can find ways to inject an element of fun and creativity into an Industrial-themed space. This living room looks unique and interesting thanks to the play of the brickwork on the wall, as well as the variation in the sizing of the cabinetry. The use of metallic piping to create the display shelf also adds character to the home.

(Design: 82)