(design: Eddie Wee Architects)

Mistake #1: No windows, causing a dark and damp bathroom
Do this instead: Replace part of the solid wall with clear tempered glass, and install a proper ducted exhaust and ventilation system, instead of just an extractor fan.

Mistake #2: Installing downlights in the middle of the dry area
Do this instead: Install them above the countertop or basin to avoid backlighting.

(design: Box.ID Studio)

Mistake #3: Using unsuitable materials
Do this instead: Avoid veneer, which disintegrates quickly in a humid environment, as well as glossy tiles, which are certainly fodder for accidents. Go for ceramic tiles and laminates.

Mistake #4: Fittings that don’t match
Do this instead: Don’t combine too many different metal finishes, such as matte, chrome, or brushed metal.

(design: Project File)

Mistake #5: A split medicine cupboard mirror
Do this instead: When customising a mirror medicine cabinet, avoid designs that have doors opening up from the middle – otherwise, a vertical line will divide your face when you look at your reflection.

Mistake #6: Bulky medicine cabinets
Do this instead: Keep their depth to 150mm to avoid hitting them when you bend down.