Intimidated by black and white floors, or checkerboard patterns in particular? Don't be. They are not that difficult to work around! Black and white floors are actually a classic design option (they date) back to the 15th century!) and therefore, quite versatile. Play with the sizes of the tile, as well as the patterns and colours around it. Here are some tips.

If you are afraid that a checkered floor will overwhelm a space, use it sparsely. For example, just the dining area. (design: Museworks)

Think checkerboard flooring is for fancy spaces only? Use wood elements for a warm, cottage-style look. (image: House Musing)

Use it against a brightly-painted wall, for a daring and quirky bistro-style kitchen. (image: Home Edit)

Similarly, match the bold checkered floor with an even bolder colour – bright yellow! It adds a fun vibe to the space. (image: We Heart It)

Treat it like you would a normal homogenous flooring, and don't hesitate to use other textures or patterns with it. This home goes all out, for an elegant look which uses marble, wood, and bright colours. (Museum Homes

Still undecided, but can't get the idea of a black and white floor out of your head? Stick with the colours, but try an unconventional pattern. (design: White Space Living)