It's easy to fall back on white instead of choosing colour for your home. If you use a colour you love, it's hard to go wrong. Try some of these easy ways to introduce colour into your home – you'll never go black and white again.


1. Strong colours define spaces to make an impact. Yellow, as seen in the internal corridor of this condo unit, makes the space look brighter and more welcoming.

hallway, yellow, colour, bright colour

Design: Wynk Collaborative


2. Multi-colour doesn't have to be gaudy. The three dominant hues of the home – blue, yellow, and lilac – are balanced ouy by the plain black floor and white ceiling. 

colour, condo, study area
esign: Wynk Collaborative


3. Creating a feature wall is a quick alternative to painting your entire home. It makes a big impact, and refreshes the look of a room instantly. Choose a wall that holds the focus of the room, and consider ombre gradients, print patterns and texture, says Jeremy Rowe of Akzo Nobel, the parent company of Dulux.

paint, colour, bedroom, bedroom wall
Photo: Dulux 


4. When using many bold colours in the same space, the trick is to repeat and relate. Choose different objects in similar colours, and stick to hues of the same family. Use the colour wheel as a great reference.

bedroom, bed, bedhead, turquoise wall
Design: Design Intervention


5. Kitchens are becoming part of the living area, so feed this important space with appliances, cookware and accessories in bright colours.

kitchen, accessories, coffee maker
Design: Produce


6. Add colourful cushions to a plain sofa to pep up the look of your living room. With a contemporary clean-lined sofa, you can also vary the cushions to easily change your decor on a whim.

living room, cushion, brick wall
Design: Prozfile


7. Choose a desk, console or sideboard with coloured surfaces so it stands out against the everyday objects that you place on, in or around it. 

TV console, living room, three-room HDB
Design: Io Man Style Kounsel