We’ve met and talked to many interior designers on their take on “good design”. Some common elements we’ve heard and seen would be functionality, a clever use of space, as well as a design imbued with the personality of the homeowners. Here are more tips to follow:

On customisation…

(Design:Studio Arc) 

– Part of good design is to keep clutter organised. Get rid of all unnecessary clutter, and consider clever hiding places.

– When customising a mirror medicine cabinet, avoid designs that have doors opening up from the middle – otherwise, a vertical line will divide your face when you look at your reflection.

On art…

(Design: Cube Associate Design)

– Afraid to commit to a bold paint colour? Use art to infuse colour into the home.

– When grouping art works, space the works at least 15cm apart to avoid chipping other frames.

On decorating…

(Design: Space Sense)

– Optimise the use of space well, and employ a variety of interesting features to create a subtle sense of excitement when one explores different areas of the home.

On updating your home…

(design: Fuse Concept)

– Feel like your home is looking a little dull? Give the walls and furniture a fresh coat of paint.

– Jazz up the look of your sofa with throws and colourful cushions. The throw will also protect your sofa, while the cushions will make it look more welcoming.

Information provided by Benjameen Heng I.D, Ikea, Homme Space, Box ID, Free Space Intent, Project B. Studio, and more.