Good design can easily turn something plain, like the bathroom (or kitchen sink), into something stunning. Move away from generic, white bowls to sinks with texture and character.

This bathroom is kept simple, allowing the adorned mint green sink and copper faucet to stand out.

The bohemian vibes pair well with concrete and wooden materials, and the roughness of these carved stone wash basins are a good fit for the look. 

This granite sink features sinuous lines that complement the marble tabletop. Its irregular shape also makes it a unique addition to the kitchen.

If you're going for an industrial theme (check out the rust-like tiles!), a copper sink might just be what you need.

Want things minimalist? Opt for the black pedestal washbasin, which is paired with a matching faucet.

Quaint fixtures like these go well with modern fittings – it balances the look out and avoid looking too old-fashioned.

To match the bathroom's gold accents (such as the toilet paper holder and soap dispensers), the owners of this old-glamour bathroom went for a gold-black sink and a decorative tap.