1. The sleeping area of this bedroom is elevated, with platforms, for a cosy feel and a better view through the windows while lying down.


Your HDB flat home doesn't have to look like the typical, cookie-cutter one! With a little creativity and smart use of space, you can work around the structural confines to create a stylish, trendy abode. 


2. Different flooring, rather than paritions that can block out light, is used to zone space — the change in floor finishes helps to demarcate the entrance and dining areas.


3. Instead of having the bathroom vanity positioned against a wall, you can enjoy the view while starting the day this way! 


4. Save space and money — design a rotatable parition for your TV to be used in two adjacent spaces. All you need is one TV and one TV console!


5. Incorporate internal windows in your home for an open concept that still lets you maintain privacy. This also lets light into darker spaces.


6. Can't hide those structural beams? Turn them into design features with the help of attractive patterned tiles, for example!


7. Same with electrical trunking — they need not be eyesores!


8. For a more luxurious bathroom, bring your vanity or washbasin counter outside. It will look like a boutique hotel!