It might be your dream to have your very own gaming or entertainment room, but with HDB flat space constraints, it might not be possible. But fear not, here are some ideas that will conquer the small space and calm the seething spouse.

Step 1: The big screen

Who doesn’t want a big screen? But the problem with a cumbersome television is its size and the space it takes up. Opt for a projection screen instead, not only is it hidden from sight, you have a whole wall to put up a display shelf. This ID did just that and even placed a cut-out window behind the couch to let light in and help the room appear larger. Pull down the blinds and you’re ready for a cinematic experience!

Step 2: Hidden storage

If space constraint is a problem, double your study as a games room. Add a seating area against the window and convert part of the wall into a built-in cabinet. This ID helped this homeowner hide her karaoke system to keep the room looking neat and tidy.

Step 3: Soundproof the room

Keep the noise in! You don’t want the neighbours calling to complain right? This ID designed a padded door for this home owner’s entertainment room.

Step 4: Display your passion

This homeowner might be displaying his guitars, but this adjustable display wall can be customised to hang or prop up your controllers and other gaming peripherals.

Step 5: Keep your set-up simple

This gaming… closet, is small but definitely packs a punch. Its simple set-up is effective and fits right into the small space.

Step 6: Food

What's a man cave without some man food? Hide a slide-out fridge in a drawer compartment or behind the closed doors of your built-in cabinet and you'll never have to drink a warm soda. This ID had the fridge installed for a homeowner, cleverly keeping it out of sight.

Step 7: Comfy chairs

Bean bags have to be the most comfortable chairs. Grab a bunch and toss them around the room for when friends pop by for a movie marathon. If you're looking for some bean bags drop a comment to let us know if you're interested in finding out where to get them in Singapore!

Step 8: Decorate

If you’ve taken to hiding all your gaming consoles, projectors and other tech gadgets behind closed doors, brighten up the empty space with some décor. This ID created recessed niches for the home owner’s collection of movie posters, something you could do to spice up the décor.