Design: Studio Ulanowski

Tile shopping is fun. There are so many patterns and textures, you are bound to find something you like. However, there are a few rules to stick by. Here are eight things to remember when you are shopping for bathroom tiles.

1. To avoid a busy look, keep your walls simple, if you opt for patterned floor tiles — and vice versa!

2. Go for grouting in a colour that matches the tiles. For large tiles in small bathrooms, this gives the illusion of space and takes attention away from the scale of the room.

Design: Spaceone ID Consultancy

3. Ask for full-body tiles, which carry the colour and pattern through the tiles. They are not only harder and denser, but it is also less obvious if chips occur.

4. Tiles appear differently, according to the lighting and size of a space. Ask for a tile sample so that you can view how it looks like in the actual space.

TIP: Think about the wow factor. If you’re planning a standout floor tile, consider decking out your shower area in a different tile.

5. Measure your space to determine the right tile size. Your wall tiles and floor tiles must line up properly as well.

Design: Bowerman Interior Planner

6. Tiles made from natural stone are generally porous and need more upkeep. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are better suited for the bathroom.

TIP: Modern ceramic tiles featuring marble patterns are not only easy to maintain, they also come with a three-dimensional veining effect for a more realistic look.

7. Consider the natural light in your bathroom before deciding on the tile colour and finish. A semi-gloss or matte finish reduces glare in brightly lit bathrooms.

Design: Architology

8. If you plan on getting mosaic tiles, ask to see the mock-up of the tiles with grout. They tend to look different once the grout is applied.

TIP: Ensure that the thickness of the tiles you are mixing is the same, as slight differences in laid tiles can cause users to trip and fall.