Green is a beautiful colour to use in your home. It can evoke a sense of calm, or be one way to bring nature into a home without plants. In feng shui, green symbolises renewal and new beginnings. If you'd like to use this hue in your home, but are unsure how, here are some ideas.

#1 A printed rug, like in this Le Roch Hotel & Spa (Paris) room.

#2 Curtains in a deep, sultry green – best if the room has plenty of natural light. Also seen in Le Roch Hotel & Spa (Paris).

#3 Bedsheets or pillowcases, offset with a splash of white. The lamp cords are also in green! Seen in 25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin.

#4 Green mosaic tiles in the bathroom, as a feature wall in an all-white or earthy-toned bathroom (as seen in these homes by Md.Ma Design Consultants and Free Space Intent, respectively)

#5 A painted feature wall, in one shade of green. The picture below illustrates how you can use the same shade for a unified look! See more from this colourful home here.

#6 Another feature wall, with soft furnishings such as pillow covers and rugs to match. However, they need not be of the same hue. Design by Make Room.

#7 A green fabric sofa, as the highlight of a neutral-hued home, designed by The Orange Cube.

#8 Go natural – the best green comes from nature itself! Fill your home with green plants, placed in several corners of your home or on coffee tables. Design bY Hue D