White brick walls are a timeless and versatile design element in interior design. Leave it raw, with some holes and blemishes for character, or opt for a cleaner and polished look – it will work either way. We've seen it paired with simple Scandinavian designs, but also in a cosy cottage-style interior. See how these homes did it.

An L-shape feature wall. (design: The Design Practice)

Paired with a colourful mix of soft furnishing and decor. (design: Space Matters)

Just a hint of white bricks, above the main feature piece. (design: Space Sense)

Raw brick wall, with raw wood headboard. (image: Second Use)

A cleaner look, using broader bricks. (design: Fuse Concept)

Smaller bricks, with a sheen – used for both wall and bathtub. (design: E&A Interiors)

Subway tiles, used as a backsplash. (design: Black and White House)

A typical white brick wall. (design: Black and White House)