A fresh coat of paint can do wonders, but you need to do it right. Know these preparation and painting tips before you embark on your DIY project, shared with us from the experts at Akzonobel (the manufacturer of Dulux paints).

how to paint a wall, tips from dulux

1. Pick your colour – carefully!

Colour can transform the look and mood of any space. So before you purchase your paint, answer these questions: Who is the room for? What do you want to feel when you are in the room? What colours are timeless?

As there is an array of paints available on the market (all with different shades and properties), narrow  down your choices by collecting decor pictures or colour swatches you’re drawn to and edit these down to one cohesive palette.

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Dulux tip: The award-winning Dulux Visualizer App allows you to create a real-time virtual impression of what your room will look before you paint it. Download it for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

cleaning a wall before painting it

2. Dust and declutter.

Before you start painting, prepare your space by clearing away the clutter and giving it a precursory clean. After you’ve thrown out anything you don’t plan to keep (try the Marie Kondo method here), move all your furniture to the centre of the room and cover with a dust sheet to avoid any unwanted paint spills. Then give your walls a final wipe down with a brush or cloth to ensure your paintbrush and paint stay clean and dirt-free during application. 

what to do before painting a wall and how to cover cracks

3. Prepare your surface.

The walls are your canvas so make sure they’re in good condition. If you’re working with an older space, taking some additional steps to ensure the quality of your surface will pay off in the long run. Inspect the wall for any gaps or cracks that need to be filled with plaster filler.

In hot and humid climates, cases of mould are common in homes. Treat any visible instances by spraying mould killer or applying fungicidal solution – you can buy this from most supermarkets and hardware stores.

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Dulux tip: To improve adhesion and enhance longevity of the new paint, prime the surface with a layer of the environmentally-preferred Dulux Sealer (Water-based). 

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4. Start Painting

It’s time to get out your tools! Start by tapping around the area you’re painting and lay a dust sheet on the floor to catch any drops of paint. With a small brush, paint a one inch border around the edges and fill in the rest with a roller. 

Dulux tip: If you’re looking for a paint that is easy to maintain and will last through the next few seasons, try the Dulux Wash & WearTM. Designed to make cleaning walls quick and fuss-free, the protective paint is equipped with innovative Kidproof+ TechnologyTM which delivers stain repellent and anti-bacterial properties.

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