Project File, ladder, study, bookshelf
Design: Project File

If your home has more vertical rather than horizontal space, you’d definitely want to utilise its height as much as you can. It’s a good idea to build storage units as high as possible, but they’re only useful if you can reach them for easy retrieval of items, as well as for cleaning.

The best-looking option is
 a ladder which slides across your wall of cabinets. Not only does it look great by adding 
a vintage-industrial feel to
 your interiors, but it is also convenient to use – you don’t have to drag a ladder in and out every time you need it.

Kelly Choong of Project File has designed such ladders for her clients, and she says they are popular with occupants of loft-style studio apartments. “They’re usually made of power-coated steel as the material makes it easier for 
the ladder to slide, unlike
wood. For a 2.4m-tall cabinet with ladder, it will cost about $9,000.” She says there is no height limitation for ladders – except your own fear of heights!

The storage unit can have a mix of closed and open shelving, with the closed shelving near the ceiling, and the open shelves lower down.

As the ladder has to be slanted to make it easier to climb, some allowance for space has to be made around the unit, too.