Have you ever dismissed the idea of having a bathtub, simply because there isn’t enough space in the bathroom? With increasing innovation in designs, there are now more options on the market — even for freestanding bathtubs that can fit into apartments. This accessory has long been a luxury; so don’t compromise on the quality of bath time.

Victoria + Albert Baths’ most compact bathtub model to date is the Vetralla (above). It sits at 1.5m long, with a sleek, minimalist design. Choose from seven finishes, including gloss white, gloss black, matte white, anthracite, stone grey and light grey.

Switch up the look of a contemporary-style bathroom, with a selection of artisanal accessories like handwoven rugs, handcrafted mirrors, bouquets of dried flowers, and even brass fittings — the patina of the material will add to the look, while lending a natural warmth.

Hansgrohe’s Axor Montreux (above) range couples industrial designs with rustic finishes like chrome and nickel, for a look that seems somewhat dated, but yet embodies a charm that remains relevant in homes today. The finishes are applied using a physical vapour deposition (PVD) technology, to create a finished surface that’s scratch-resistant.