Storage has always been an essential part of the home — regardless of the amount of floor space you have — and is an effective and easy way to help keep your home looking neat and tidy. The same goes for your bathrooms; you won’t want your toiletries hanging out on your countertop, where they’ll get wet and grimy over time, so plan the design of the bathroom with sufficient storage in mind. 

(Design: Space Sense Studio)

“The easiest, and most seamless, way to incorporate storage into your bathroom is to have cabinets behind the mirror,” shares Kelvin Teo, founder of interior design firm Space Sense Studio. This makes it easy to retrieve items that you use everyday, as well.

Dennis Cheok, design director of Upstairs_, shares his bathroom design strategy for the Overlap apartment, a two-room condominium unit.

(Design: Upstairs_)

“The bathroom (pictured) was reconfigured and the shower area and water closet are enclosed within smaller cubicles, each flanking a shared vanity area,” he says. Aside from concealing the main storage space behind the vanity mirror — which is actually a roomy niche that spans 1.7m — Dennis designed a “laundry basket” within the cast-concrete washbasin counter, and concealed it using flip-up powdercoated metal panels. The top panel opens up for ease of dropping laundry in, much like a covered bin; and the front panel swings open so you can remove laundry for washing.