Design: Haire Living


Won't it be wonderful to just luxuriate in one of these hotel-like bedrooms?

The luxurious and grand look is achieved by the use of expensive-looking bedding, upholstered bed headboards, lots of draperies and soft furnishings — think cushions, throws, high-pile rugs and heavy curtains — and elegant colours; nothing too gaudy! Add finishing touches like attractive lamps, ornate frames, mirrors and scented candles. And, of course, don't forget a good quality mattress

Here are 10 super inviting bedrooms to inspire you.


Design: Royal Living


Design: Artistroom


Design: Haire Living


Design: Viterbo Interior Design Asia


Design: Haire Living


Design: Fuse Concept


Design: Haire Living


Design: M3 Studio


Design: Haire Living


Which is your favourite space?