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Yes, tile size – particularly
 for flooring – definitely matters when it comes to
 the perception of spaces.

A larger tile size means less grouting and joints,
which makes the flooring look more seamless. Smaller tiles “break” the space up further. Besides that, “larger format tiles are said to have a more luxurious appeal,” says Terry Tan of Rice. With less grouting, a larger tile size also means easier maintenance.

If we were to make a direct comparison of say, Italian tiles, “a larger tile of, say, 90cm by 90cm is generally about 20
per cent more expensive than a traditional 60cm by 60cm tile,” states Terry. Consider the size and shape of your surface area as well. Using huge tiles for a small footprint might not be worth the price tag. You’ll need a wide surface area to better appreciate the (more expensive) larger tiles.