Do away with the cliche "seamless" look when creating built-in storage solutions! Instead try one of these eye-catching storage features:

Check out those sleek hexagonal storage compartments! It creates a beautiful contrast with the unique wooden TV console.

How can you not love this charming tree? It definitely brings cheer to the living room.

The wood laminate platform was meant to highlight the bubble chair, but its height made it great as a floor storage solution as well.

The full-height partition is a mix of open shelves and compartments with push-to-open doors. We love how the open shelves break the overwhelmingly bright yellow of the partition!

Behind the rugged surface of the red shipping container is a shelf of shoes!

For a modern, space-age look, go for bright and bold contrasting colours in angular shapes. It wasn't necessary to create a slanted, angular, black storage solution with a lime-green display shelf, but the risk was worth it because it became the perfect eye-catching statement!