It's our nation's birthday! While locals paint the town red in celebration, it is seldom the preferred colour at home — most homeowners think red is too strong and will overpower a small space. But in appropriate doses, this bold colour can define and enhance a home beautifully. We ask colour and paint expert, Dulux, how to work red into the different areas at home.


On a smaller scale, red is great for accents, highlights and focal points as it catches your eye instantly. This makes it a palatable choice for the kitchen, especially if it’s an open space where you can host your guests. Vibrant splashes of red can imbue a kitchen with warmth and liveliness, and is said to build appetite as well.

For smaller kitchen areas, limit the use of red to small sections of the wall — you can opt for wall prints or paintings. Or, use red to make often-forgotten areas such as shelf nooks and lamps pop.


Studies done amongst college students have revealed that their reaction speeds increased by 12 per cent when they were in a room with red-light, as compared to students in a room with normal light. In another experiment, people performing tasks with words or images on a red background did better on tests of recall and attention to detail.

So if you want a space that encourages alertness and prompts action, consider adding a bit of red near the desk. Dulux recommends gentler shades of red such as Coral and Maroon, as high-energy ones like Scarlet may be distracting.

Children’s room

Instead of using traditional colours such as baby blue or pink for the children’s room or nursery, experiment with daring shades and high contrast colour pairings to energise the space. For smaller rooms, use richer colours nearer to the floor and keep the upper half of the walls and ceilings white to create the illusion of more height.

But as large amounts of red can cause an increase in heart rate, it is best used in small amounts, and avoided if your child is already hyper. Just be sure to offset these energising colours with calming neutral shades like cream or greige.

(Don't want to use paint? Bring red into your home with these home accessories.)


All you need is some simple yet striking paint jobs such as a stunning red door to liven up this utilitarian corner and instantly lift your mood when you step into the bathroom in the morning. If a solid red surface sounds a little too overwhelming, try painting the window frames or adding red-hued accents like mirrors, towel bars, and even flower pots.


Inject passion into your bedroom with hearty shades of red! It’ll also imbue the space with an irresistibly warm and cosy atmosphere as red surfaces tend to appear closer. So if you want to feel safe and sheltered in a large space with high ceilings, having red intonations makes perfect sense.

To prevent red from dominating the entire room, use it sparingly for a focal point, such as on cabinet doors or a feature wall, rather than a base colour. For a lush and lavish environment, try layering luxurious fabrics such as sumptuous velvet and plush upholstery to create an opulent sanctuary to indulge in at the end of the day. 

Image credits to Akzo Nobel.