(Design: Renaissance Planners & Designers)

There's more ways you can decorate your wall than you think!

You've probably heard of the various ways you can use paint to add colours or designs to your wall, or even chalkboard paint which allows you to doodle freely on the wall.

However, if you like to have the freedom to play around with designs and pictures you can mount on, try magnetic paint! The paint comes in various colours.

For example, MagnetPaint comes as an undercoat so you can use any other colour you like on top, and still have the magnetic properties on the wall.

Decorate by hanging photos and art pieces with magnets, without using sticky tape or pushpins that can ruin the wall.

You can even stick magnets you collect as souvenirs from overseas travels to the wall, and never have to worry about scratching the surface of your fridge (which is conventionally where many people display their magnet collection).

(Photo: Pixabay)

Other ideas include:

– Using it for magnetic figures, magnetic board games or alphabets for kids.
– Making the entire wall a giant planboard.
– Showcase your knick knacks on magnetic shelves.

More ideas of how you can decorate your magnetic wall here: