Living sustainably doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Find out more about these reno materials that can help make your home as green as it is beautiful.

When considering their next home renovation, home owners are often faced with a myriad of choices in terms of material and finish selection available on the market.

While many homeowners want to make a conscious choice in selecting environmentally-friendly or green materials, not many may be aware that renovating with sustainability in mind does not need to cost an arm and a leg.

In fact, using green materials is more than simply a trend. Sustainable living is now a way to experience more comfort, save money and reduce environmental impact during a home renovation.

8 Sustainable Home Renovation Materials

Home owners can make a real difference by choosing sustainable materials for their homes, whether they are building new or renovating their existing units. Here, we’ve gathered a list of eight home renovation materials and brands in Singapore that put sustainability at the forefront of their home renovation offerings.

1. Fabrics by Goodrich

The wallcoverings and wallpapers offered by Goodrich are made from natural materials, such as bamboo, grass cloth, or cork. These materials are renewable, biodegradable, and often have a lower environmental impact than synthetic materials.

Goodrich also offers digital printing technology that allows on- demand printing, which reduces waste and minimises large production runs. This also means that wallpaper customisation and personalisation are more accessible and sustainable.

Goodrich Global Pte Ltd Goodrich Building, 8 Changi South Lane, #05-01

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2. Dulux Wall Paint

Dulux Wash & Wear is a premium interior quality paint with almost limitless colour options and KidProof+ Technology that delays stains from penetrating further into the paint film and can be wiped away easily.

With its anti-bacterial property, it also aids to inhibit growth of certain bacteria on walls. Singapore Green Label certified, Dulux paint comes with no added lead or mercury and contains low odour and low VOC for healthy indoor living.

Dulux Weathershield 1L is priced from $26 onwards, 5L from $98 onwards. Dulux Wash & wear 1L from $28 onwards, 5L from $105 onwards.

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3. Dekton by Consentino

Dekton is known for its functional beauty with limitless application both indoors and outdoors. Not only is it impervious to elements, such as scratches, stains, UV rays, fire and heat, it is the only surface brand that is certified carbon neutral for its entire life cycle (from cradle to grave), which covers the gathering of raw materials, use of the product, and end of life.

By offsetting 100 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions over its entire product life cycle, Dekton is a sustainable material which reduces environmental impact while achieving greater efficiency in terms of energy, consumption of resources, use of renewable electricity and sustainable mobility policies.

Cosentino City Singapore 5 Straits View, Marina One (West Tower) #01-16/17

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4. Suzuka Textured coatings & paint

Whether going for an industrial, Scandinavian, contemporary or minimalistic style, Suzuka’s range of textured coatings and paints offers a unique alternative to regular paints that can spruce up any home. Premium looks – such as concrete, granite and ceramic styles – can be customised to complement home owners’ specific needs. Each finish features high resistance against dust, stains and UV light.

Kastone brick and stone veneer, Strato textured paint and Suzuka textured coating are all certified by the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme as the environmentally preferred coatings. Prices range from $1.90 per square foot (for textured coating).

Suzuka Showroom is located at No. 4, Jalan Indah 8/15, Taman Bukit Indah 79100 Nusajaya, Johor

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5. Consentino Silestone

Silestone from Cosentino is the first hybrid mineral surface, composed of a high-performance blend of premium minerals, quartz, and recycled materials manufactured with 100 per cent renewable electric energy, 99 per cent recycled water, and a minimum of 20 per cent recycled materials in its composition.

Silestone has set a new benchmark for sustainability in 2020 with the launch of HybriQ+ technology, which features a drastic reduction of the percentage of crystalline silica content in its composition. The latest Silestone launch is its Ethereal collection, comprising four colours: Ethereal Dusk, Ethereal Haze, Ethereal Glow and Ethereal Noctis.

Cosentino City Singapore 5 Straits View, Marina One (West Tower), #01-16/17

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6. SNS Laminates

With a range of European and East Asian designs, SNS’s collection of laminates offers a wide selection of products suitable for any home. By prioritising and promoting the use of recycled materials, SNS laminates are manufactured from materials sourced as much as possible within the circular economy.

SNS laminates are extremely low in VOCs, certified antimicrobial and sourced responsibly. With its commitment to sustainability, SNS also attained the highest rating of four Ticks “Leader”, under the certification launched by Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).

Prices range from $60.00 and below/1220mm x 2440mm sheet $188/1220mm x 2440mm sheet (for magnetic series)

SNS Laminates is located at Tan Boon Liat Building 315 Outram Rd, #12-05 Singapore 169074

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7. Bolon Flooring

Bolon is a high-performance alternative to carpets with nice textures and beautiful designs. The material is easy to clean and doesn’t require any chemicals for general cleaning. All Bolon collections contain recycled content and are produced using 100 per cent sustainable energy.

Bolon floors come with a 10-15 years warranty, with the highest green ratings globally. It was awarded the Singapore Green Building Product Certificate in January 2023.

View Bolon Flooring at Xtra 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-48 Marina Square

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8. Polyflor Flooring

The Expona Simplay Pur vinyl floor tiles feature designs inspired by natural wood, stone and abstract effects available in an adhesive-free (in most cases), ready to lay product, designed to reduce installation time.

The product is ideal in high usage home areas like living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and entrance halls. All Expona flooring has been prescribed CE mark, as a European declaration of performance and is regularly tested by external third parties to ensure the exceptional standards are continually met.

Prices range from $35-$119 per square metre (for luxury vinyl planks and tiles)

Polyflor showroom is located at Lot 2D Jalan Kilang 51/215, Section 51, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan