Using paint to create patterns on the walls is an easy way to add interest to a space, freshen it up and give a vibrant look.

Some choose patterns like polka dots and stripes, but chevron — or zigzag — is also a popular option.

Here’re some interesting ways homeowners have used the chevron pattern. You’ll be surprised at the variety of options it has to offer.

Use various colours in a haphazard fashion. You’ll realise you don’t have to fill up all the spaces with paint to achieve the effect.

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Monochromatic shades hardly go wrong here.

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Instead of paint, try wood or wood-look laminate. The variation in grains and shades gives the wall a stunning visual effect that’s not overbearing.

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Pair white with a bold colour — like gold or brass — for a standout effect.

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Paint the wall to showcase just an enlarged portion of the pattern instead of the full zigzag design.

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Make the pattern even more pronounced by outlining with a white or black border.

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