Instead of the usual parquet or marble flooring, incorporate some colours into your homes by using contrasting tiles or create designs with mosaic tiles. These can add an interesting touch or even become a statement and centerpiece of your living space.


tiles, tiling, mosaic, design, decor, living
(Design: Three-D Conceptwerke)

The glass mosaic tiles that form the vintage-inspired motif in this Three-D Conceptwerke-designed home's private lift lobby is almost like an art piece on display.


mosaic, tiles, tiling, living, decor, design
(Design: D'haus)

The Moroccan-inspired prints on the floor tiles juxtapose the white walls and give the home character.


kitchen, tiling, tiles, bohemian tiles, decor, design
(Design: The Scientist Pte Ltd)

tiles, tiling, flooring, kitchen, design, decor
(Design: Aster by Kyra)

Peranakan or bohemian tiles can also give a vintage feel to the home when coupled alongside contemporary kitchen fittings, industrial elements and raw finishes such as concrete walls.


corridor, tiling, tiles, design, decor
(Design: Prozfile)

tiling, flooring, peranakan tiles, sining, design, decor
(Design: Prozfile)


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