Is it all right to hang a pendant light at eye level above a kitchen island? How low can they be hung if they are over a walkspace?

(Design: Dwell Interior Design)

Pendant lights are a great addition to a space but, when hung too high or low, can look completely out of place. Hang them too low and you’ll run into practical problems, says Montie Mahtani, managing director of M3 Studio: “Your head might hit the pendant light when you’re reaching for something. The same applies to the dining table. Although you are seated most of the time, you’ll need to stand up to reach across the table.”


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The rule of thumb is to keep the bottom of the pendant light 71cm to 86cm above the island or dining table. However, if placed too low, the light can result in a glare if the bulb is visible, and the heat emitted can cause discomfort. 

(Design: The Scientist)

For walkspaces, Montie advises using the door frame as a guide: “The minimum clearance height should be the same height as a door frame, which is about 2.1m”.


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