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HDB regulations concerning renovation of bathrooms and kitchens are pretty strict, and for good reason, as waterproofing
 has already been done, and 
water damage can affect your neighbours’ homes. “Under HDB rules, water pipes are not allowed to be concealed within the floor slab or walls,
due to possible leakage when waterproofing is compromised.

For newer HDB flats, the water pipes are concealed by the developer, so any alteration has to be exposed. You can conceal them only with cabinets,” says Gary Boo of Arte Living Studio.

But island countertops are possible in HDB kitchens! Gary offers two solutions. The first is to run the water pipe along the top edge of the kitchen wall and drop it from the ceiling above the island. You will need to design a ceiling pelmet to hide the piping and a vertical panel which connects to the island. You will also have to hack the floor tiles, and re-run the waste-outlet PVC pipe.

The second solution is to create a platform, on which the island will sit, to hide the pipes. You will need to create an access panel so that you can reach the water pipes where the joints are, in case of leakage. Gary estimates the cost of the plumbing work to be around $1,000 to $1,500.