living room, glass partition
Design: Fuse Concept

If you're building a partition wall in your living or dining space to create another room, you can choose from several materials for the partition, and each comes with different costs and considerations.

Your choices include solid hollow concrete blocks, partition boards – which is made of gypsum – and glass, says Raymond Seow, design director of Free Space Intent. If you live in a HDB flat
 and would like to put up a wall made from concrete blocks, you will need permission from the Housing Board as it will result in additional weight and stress on the apartment level.

Walls made of gypsum board and glass are lightweight and don’t require official approval.

Between glass and gypsum board, the choice is more of an aesthetic one, says Raymond. Glass, would, of course, allow more light to enter the space. You can also consider combining two materials, such as glass with partition boards.

When it comes to dismantling the wall, the lightweight materials will be easier to take down as compared to a wall constructed with concrete blocks. In terms of cost, a partition made of concrete blocks can cost as much as double that of a wall made
 from gypsum board.