Windows play a big role in determining the overall look and feel of a house. They come in a wide range of selection from big and wide, tall and slender to sliding or casement type.

If you live in a high-rise apartment, your windows form part of the common property, and you won’t have a choice of window style or location. In this case, thinking about the window dressing and how to maximise light and ventilation is important.


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(Design: Story of Us)


Here are the various window types and how to effectively use them in your homes:

Casement windows

Casement windows swing outward on side hinges. They provide the most ventilation in comparison to other styles as they can be fully opened, and the swing-out panel can direct plenty of air into the building.

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(Design: Three-D Conceptwerke)


Sliding windows

A horizontal sliding window has a panel that slides horizontally. This space-saving style is great for small spaces and works well in small rooms and narrow passageways.

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(Design: Studio Arc)


Top-hung or Awning windows

Top-hung windows are a type of casement windows. Top-hung windows pivot on top, to pen outward from the bottom. These windows are easy to add light and boost ventilation. They can also be left opened on rainy days without letting water into your home.

bedroom, windows, white, design, decor
(Design: Space Sense)


French windows

When combined with an arched or fan-like section above, these tall, floor-length windows add a sense of drama and colonial elegance to a home. They keep homes feeling bright and airy.


More ways to style your home: