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To know how to light your home, here are some basics. There are three main types of lighting – task, mood or ambient, and general. General lighting is used to light a space overall, task lighting focuses illumination where you need it, and mood lighting creates ambience.

A good lighting plan would have a combination of these three types.

Track lighting can be used for both general lighting as well as mood lighting (when used with a dimmer switch), says April Kwan, regional interior design specialist at Ikea. With several spotlights along the track, and when placed above workspaces, they can provide good overall illumination in an area; the individual spotlights can also be directed to enhance features such as a wall with art or photos, so that the surface doesn’t look flat.

“Plan lighting in a home by first defining the functions and activities of each space. Indicate where task lighting is needed. Then, indicate the mood and general lighting,” advises April.