The kitchen is the heart of the home. Design it as stylishly as how you would for the rest of your home. Make it pop, with a splash of colours, to create a vibrant look in this space!

Take inspiration from these designs:

Clad the walls — with wallpapers or tiles — to get a textural effect, and complement it with kitchen cabinetry in a bright colour, like this shade of blue (below).

You can even paint the walls to match the colours of your cabinetry. That helps create continuity from floor to ceiling, while framing the space, too!

If you prefer your kitchen cabinetry in white or lighter shades, choose patterned tiles or bright colours for the backsplash, so they stand out and add a visual effect to the kitchen!

Customise systems to have coloured sliding doors, so you can change up the look slightly whenever you push the doors to sit at different positions — a fuss-free and easy way to make subtle changes to how your kitchen looks.

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Don’t forget about the floors too! Patterned tiles, or tiles with embellishments, can easily make any space look nicely done up!