This penthouse apartment is home to a bachelor in his 40s. 

He doesn’t cook much, but when he bought this 30-plus-year-old residence in the east, the dated, “country-style kitchen” had to go. “I wanted to enjoy the apartment and really couldn’t live with the original look,” he confessed. Since he had the home all to himself, he agreed to Space Sense's designer Kelvin Teo’s proposal to take down the kitchen wall to open up the space and create a seamless open concept kitchen-dining-living area. Cement screed was laid underfoot throughout to minimise the demarcation of spaces.

The homeowner neither needed nor wanted a conventional dining area. In its place, Kelvin built a dining surface that hugs the island countertop in an L-shape. The honey-hued wooden tabletop is actually constructed from two Ikea kitchen countertops that the designer sanded and lacquered for durability. 

The wine fridge is tucked neatly under the kitchen top. 

The overhead beam marks the position of the original kitchen wall, removed to bridge the kitchen and the living space. 

This vintage-style advertising sign, purchased in Sri Lanka, adds colour to the wall.