Luxury hotel Intercontinental Singapore recently revamped their space, so we dropped by for a tour. We also got some tips from Fbeye interior designers, Marguerite Casey and Chen Hui Ling, on giving your home the hotel treatment!

“The top three must-haves in a luxurious home would include clever designs to conceal bulky items e.g. the minibar, the use of exquisite material that will invoke interest and lastly, a timeless style,” says Marguerite.

1) Use good quality furniture and materials. In luxury hotels, expectations are very high, so everything is of top quality – from fittings to furniture and decor pieces. Things you especially shouldn’t skimp on would be flooring and countertops. You can also opt for timeless, classic materials such as marble and timber.

As for beds – the most important furniture in the bedroom – Intercontinental Singapore uses Sealy Posturepedic mattresses as well as feather toppers. They also have a pillow menu which includes down and feather pillows, and lavender-scented pillows.

2) Colour-palette should not be masculine or feminine. The bedroom must make you feel like VIP, but be sure to stick to neutral tones, such as soft beige, blue-grey, and white. 

3) Don’t go over the top. Luxury hotels are rarely overly ostentatious. For a low-key glam look, you may opt for gold or blue trimmings against white walls, as well as wallpaper with subtle motifs, for the overall look of the home.

4) With a neutral, luxurious backdrop, you can then be creative with the decorating. Choose certain furniture or decor pieces with character. Intercontinental Singapore decorated their room with customised aircon grilles, mini bars and consoles that have been handpainted to look like an antique piece, and customised carpets – all of which exudes a Peranakan vibe. Their headboards are padded, and each room comes with an exquisite handmade batik-like painting. Chandeliers add a finishing touch!

5) Create a warm and inviting bedroom with bedside lamps. Or, if you have a foyer or hallway leading to the main bedspace, install dimmable and/or motion-sensor lighting here – this breathing space sets the mood for an elegant and relaxing room.

6) Have a scent! Intercontinental Singapore incorporates a soft, fresh and fruity scent through air vents. The scent should be too strong or overpowering – just enough to relax you! For homes, these can be achieved through candles and diffusers, but also flowers and the types of shampoos and soaps you use.