If you don't have space in your dining room, think your dining table may be under utilised, or simply just want to do without a dining table, take a leaf from these homeowners and build yourself a bar! 

1) Cook, serve, and dine without stepping out of the kitchen. Here, you get to enjoy the view too!

(Interior design by Dreammetal)

2) This bar top acts as a room divider and marks the entrance of the kitchen.

(Interior design by Space Sense)

3) An L-shaped countertop maximises this kitchen with angles and sharp corners.

(Interior design by White Space Living)

4) Lighting creates an ambience. Doesn't this bar look inviting?

(Interior design by 19sixtyseven)

5) This kitchen island works both as a kitchen countertop as well as a dining table. Just add the bar stools when necessary!

(Interior design by Aiden T)

6) Another kitchen island that doubles as a dining table, the countertop of this one is made of Silestone. Stain resistant!

(Interior design by Aiden T)

7) The added bar rack allows the homeowner to have easy access to the wine and glasses.

(Interior design by Dwell Interior Design)

8) The counter replaces the kitchen wall to bring light in, making the kitchen look more spacious.

(Interior design by EHKA Studio)

9) Add a mirror to the bar so you won't be literally facing the wall while you eat!

(Interior design by EJ Square Design)

10) The glass divider lets the diners in on the action in the kitchen!

(Interior design by Hugo Kitchen)

11) A high bar top allows you to keep appliances hidden on the other side. Perfect for entertaining.

(Interior design by Hunter Gatherer)

12) If you've got a window at the back of the kitchen, let the light into your home by replacing the wall with a counter.

(Interior design by Life Interior Design Pte Ltd)

13) Integrate the stove with the kitchen island. Japanese teppanyaki style!

(Interior design by Mu Dian Pte Ltd)

14) With a counter, you now have room for a stylish cooker hood!

(Interior design by Pure Interior)

15) A small kitchen calls for slim bar stools like these ones.

(Interior design by Three-D Conceptwerke)

16) Play with colour and let your bar top be a design feature of your home.

(Interior design by Vegas Interior Design)