(Design: Edge Interior)

Before you decide whether an open-concept kitchen is suitable for you, here are the advantages and disadvantages of such a layout:


  • Removing kitchen partition walls can make the home look bigger, let in natural light and give you more space to play with. It is also easier to achieve a uniform look for the cooking, dining and living spaces without partition walls.
  • An open layout lets you interact more with family members and mingle with guests. It also lets parents keep an eye on young children while cooking.
  • Kitchen islands or breakfast counters can be dual function, providing storage while serving as a dining top and are space-efficient for small homes.


  • Oil, grease and the smell of food can permeate the home, especially if more intensive cooking is done regularly.
  • More cleaning is required because the kitchen is not enclosed and dust can settle more easily on kitchen countertops.
  • It is harder to reconfigure the kitchen in the future as the storage for kitchen appliances in open kitchens is usually customised and built-in.
  • Cluttered kitchen countertops or dirty dishes in the sink can be seen from the living space, making your home look messy.

Written by Ankita Varma for The Straits Times