With the shrinking of floor plans, it seems like almost every home is adopting an open concept. Even the new HDB BTO flats come with an open kitchen option. So if you're embracing this open-concept trend, and would like to make the most of your compact space, consider these smart ideas during your renovation!


Install sliding stacking panels that tuck away neatly, so you can have a more spacious living room, or an enclosed guest room when needed.


Turn your kitchen island into a decorative feature. Functional and adds a focal point!


Create an entrance foyer by designing a cabinet-divider with some open shelves that allows light through. This helps to zone an open layout and provides lots of storage space at the same time.


Blur the boundaries between bedroom and bathroom by bringing the sink outside! This gives a more spacious bath space, allowing the sink area to function as a vanity table, too.


In place of doors and sliding partitions, go for arches that bring a decorative element, if you need to zone a narrow space.


Make your built-in furniture work twice as hard! Here, the TV console is also the "backsplash" for a row of counters.


Use blinds, or curtains, instead of partitions to separate off private areas as needed.