If you love to cook, and also love a great-looking kitchen, you will definitely need a kitchen that is easy to maintain. Choosing the right finishes is important, to ensure that they will stand the test of time — so that your kitchen will still look good after all those years.

Here's the secret. As oil, grease and food particles are the main causes of a dirty kitchen, use materials that are as seamless as possible and non-textured (except the flooring), which are easier to clean. 


1) Cabinets

Laminates are good to use for carpentry, but go for non-glossy surfaces and those without "woodgrain" or other "uneven" textures. As you'll need to do a lot of wiping, glossy versions tend to get scratched, and the more fancy laminates tend to be a bit more tricky to clean thoroughly.

2) Backsplash

Use a glass panel as a backsplash, as it comes in large sizes. Choose this over tiles, which makes cleaning grouting difficult. 

3) Countertop

Stainless steel for the countertop is very durable and hygenic, but it is quite prone to scratches. It is also a good backsplash material.
Alternatively, a good quartz top will also last very long as it is touted to be tougher than natural materials such as marble and granite, without their porosity issues. 

(More on countertop materials here.)

4) Cooker hood

Finally, cut down the cleaning by tackling the source of the problem. Rather than go for appearance or saving money here, invest in a good cooker hood to minimise the accumulation of oil and grease on the surfaces of your kitchen.