Silestone has been one of the go-to material choices when it comes to kitchen countertops and other design features.

And now, Cosentino (the Spanish brand behind the material) has integrated its new Silestone N-Boost advanced technology into the famous quartz surfacing material. This innovation modifies the surface of the material at a molecular level, to further enhance its technical performance and aesthetic properties, so not only do you get a stellar look for your kitchen countertops, but cleaning and maintaining is made easier!

Fans of monochromatic looks will be especially pleased to know that Silestone N-Boost has been launched in Iconic White and Iconic Black, for the most radiant white tone and the richest, intense black tone, respectively.

Find out more about Silestone N-Boost at Cosentino, 34/35 Duxton Road, tel: 6713-9543, website.