Green wall

Green walls make a statement, and creates a soothing environment in any space. However, sunlight is key, and maintenance is necessary to keep them looking nice and healthy. Most vertical gardens also need an irrigation system.

If you'd like a green wall at home, but don't have a balcony or want to install it in an area that doesn't receive much sunlight, here's how you can get around that:


1) Moss tiles

Green wall Benetti moss

They look like clumps of soft sponge, but are actually stabilised lichen. From Benetti Moss (pictured), available at GF+A Global,  the lichen doesn't require natural light and can survive on the moisture in the air. You don't have to water, fertilise or prune it! It comes in 90cm by 90cm tiles, which you can use to form patterns of your choice. Apart from green, the tiles are available in nine colours including orange and fuchsia! 


2) Artificial green wall

Artificial turfing specialist Absolut Outdoors realistically recreates the look of a lush wall of plants with artificial foliage. The company uses a wide variety of plants and organic-looking arrangements, so you won't even realise it is "fake"!