spare bedroom walk-in wardrobe

If you wish to turn a spare bedroom into an en suite walk-in closet for the next room, here's how you can do it economically:

Minimise demolition costs by retaining two-thirds of the wall between your bedroom and new walk-in wardrobe. Knocking through a double-width doorway is enough to make the space feel luxe, open and with enough ventilation. Not only do you need the wall for one row of closets, the division defines the sleeping and dressing areas and keeps clutter out of sight.

Make your layout easy to navigate and intuitive. If the room is square, place a low drawer unit in the centre for folded clothing. The closets can run along the two opposite walls. Turn the area underneath the windows into a dressing area with a mirror and table with drawers holding jewellery and watch trays and accessories, such as belts and ties.

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