This glossy monochrome open-concept cook space has a sleek look throughout, with an induction hob installed in the kitchen island (interior design AKD3sign).


If you’re in the process of planning your kitchen renovations, this might have crossed your mind — which type of hob to get?


The residents of this home often host parties with guests from overseas, and wanted a fully-equipped kitchen with a gas hob (interior design 0932 Design Consultants).

While the trusty gas hob is reliable and has served generations well, on the other hand, the high-tech induction hob is so much more fashionable! We’ve made a simple table to compare the various pros and cons.

  Induction Hob Gas Hob
Pros No exposed flames so it's safer to use Has a visible flame so you can "see" the heat level
  Easy to clean as it has a flat surface Cheaper
  Looks good, having a modern, sleek appearance Compatible with most cookware
  Cooking temperature can be easily adjusted and controlled More versatile when it comes to specific cooking techniques
  Heats up quickly More "powerful" and can achieve higher temperatures
  Kitchen will be cooler as no heat is produced  
Cons Generally costs more Requires more effort when it comes to cleaning
  You have to buy specific cookware Over time it will wear out and have an "old" appearance
  Might not be suitable for specific types of cooking (e.g charring, cooking with wok) Kitchen will be considerably warmer due to the fire
  If there is a power outage you won't be able to use it