Design: Fuse Concept

Kitchen design is integral in our open-concept homes of today, since all its elements are on display. The countertop, in particular, occupies the largest surface area and sees a huge amount of wear and tear. We provide a breakdown of the various materials available for you to use, so that you can choose the one that suits your space and lifestyle best.



The new 180fx range of laminates from Formica replicates the look of natural materials in an affordable package.

+ Resistant to scratches and impact under normal-use conditions
+ Easy to clean
+ Affordable
+ Huge range of designs available, ranging from solid colours to patterns
+ Easy to work with when it comes to kitchen carpentry, such as cutting holes for sinks and hobs


Kompac Top

Kompac Top, by Kompac Plus, looks like real wood and has a sleek profile

+ Comes in a series of woodgrain-like finishes
+ Crafted to resist wear and cracking, even after years of heavy use
+ Very sturdy despite its slim profile
+ Has a tongue and groove jointing technique to keep it water-sealed
+ Has a homogeneous core and black edging which becomes a design feature
+ Can be mounted directly on the counter carcass, or even over existing finishes


Solid Surface

LG Hi-Macs solid surface, available at Luxx Newhouse, allows you to achieve a fluid countertop design.

+ Can be moulded into any 3-D shape
+ Allows for a truly seamless counter with even an integrated sink
+ Relatively affordable
+ Resilient and non-porous but can be scorched or scratched
+ Hygenic, as there are no joints for dirt to get lodged into
+ Apart from solid patterns, it comes in translucent versions that can be backlit to create visual effects


Designed by Museum, the countertop decked out in gorgeous white marble is the focal point of this kitchen.

+ Beautiful, elegant and stunning — nothing surpasses its beauty
+ Comes in both light and dark shades, colours and rare designs
+ Every cut is different, so you will have a unique counter design
+ Extra care is needed, as the natural material is porous and fragile
+ Requires periodic sealing
+ Expensive


Engineered Quartz

Silestone engineered quartz, available at Builders Shop, comes in simple or more decorative designs.

+ Gives the feel and weight of natural stone, as it comprises of over 90 per cent quartz
+ The composite material is extremely hardy and durable and resists scratches, cracks and chips
+ Does not require sealing and yet is stain-resistant and non-porours
+ Available in classic and contemporary patterns textures and colours


Stainless Steel

Shiny stainless steel looks great in modern, minimalist kitchens.

+ Almost indestructible, it does not rust or corrode
+ Does not allow penetration of any substance
+ Heat resistant, so you can place hot pans on the surface without damaging it
+ Hygenic, making it ideal for working directly on
+ Gives a shiny, modern look
+ Its neutral colour makes it easy to blend with other materials and appliances in your kitchen