More attention is being paid to the design of kitchen counters! Whether you have a kitchen island or a counter that integrates a dining table, the new ways for kitchen counters is an update that keeps up with our modern lifestyles, allowing our traditional kitchens to become multifunctional spaces. 

It is also useful in providing storage space and a work top while bridging the various zones of your kitchen. They come in different styles to suit different spaces and needs — which one is for you?



Situated centrally and accessible from all four sides, it allows multiple people working together with ease. It also becomes a social point where people tend to gather around.

Great for: Larger spaces — be sure to leave ample circulation space around to not obstruct workflow



The raised front hides prep work mess from people in adjacent spaces. As it has two heights, it also prevents the unit from appearing bulky by breaking it up visually. Provides a comfortable bar-height perch where others can grab a quick bite without interfering with your food prep or cooking.

Great for: Quick, casual dining or adding visual interest



Not quite an island counter, but a peninsula counter still allows circulation on three sides. It is connected to the rest of the counters at one side, forming an L-shape or C-shape. Because it encloses the kitchen, access to the kitchen is from only one side, but it positions everything within easy reach.

Great for: More compact spaces



Housing the hob, sink and even a wine cooler, this turns the chef toward the centre of the room and allows him/her to keep an eye on kids or interact with guests. Having a large, flat worktop allows for easy portioning out and serving of food and drinks, too.

Great for: Entertaining e.g bartending



The dining table, usually customised, meets with the island counter. However, its surface is lower at standard dining height. The island acts as a divider, creating a buffer from the kitchen, while still being functional as a countertop on the other side.

Great for: Open-concept combined kitchen and dining spaces