living room open shelving storage space

The issue of storage space always comes up during renovation planning, becoming kind of a cliché. Probably every interior designer gets the request to “provide lots of storage space” — you were going to tell yours that, weren’t you? After all, it is key in the design of our space-starved homes. Otherwise, where are we supposed to put all our stuff?

So most of us tend to go with typical hide-all-clutter options with doors that can conceal our mess, but these tend to look bulky and boring. Luckily, trends are moving towards open shelving, and more and more are embracing baring it all! It has a more informal and relaxed look, also working in line with contemporary design and lifestyles. It lets you show off the exotic ornaments you got from your travels or that beautiful sculptural piece you just had to get even though it cost a bomb. Open shelving definitely has the potential to look great, but it may not be for everyone.


+ Works as a display
It contributes to the “eye candy” on your walls, if you have nice, special stuff worthy of being put in the spotlight. When nicely organised and “curated”, your personal collection becomes art.

+ Easy access
At a glance, you know where everything is and you can get what you need quickly without opening a whole lot of doors and drawers. Also, you won’t have the “out of sight, out of mind” problem.

+ Fills in the gaps
If you have an odd gap or awkward corner, you can get shelves to fit any size. It doesn’t have any cabinet frames to eat up more space, and doesn’t require much carpentry work as well.

+ Open air
You don’t have to worry about humidity and mildew, unlike for closed-door storage options.

+ Always immaculate
This is your incentive to stay neat and tidy! You won’t allow yourself to create an eyesore and ruin your home’s stylish design.


open concept living open shelving storage space


+ You hate dusting
Needless to say, this requires extra cleaning as it will collect dust.

+ You’re naturally messy
Just as it can look amazing, it can look untidy and disorganised. Especially if you have too much of all kinds of stuff, or if you don’t know how to style your home.

+ You have young children or pets
Things might get dragged down, played with and even damaged as they are easily reached. Consider closed storage lower down.

+ You need your privacy
Family, friends, guests and clients (if you work from home) will come over and scrutinise your stuff. All of it.

+ You’re a minimalist
Sure, open shelving is trendy now, but will not give the “sleek” and “clean” look. Unless you have a minimal amount of stuff, too.


Would you go for open shelving?