Bespoke design for bedside tables is an increasingly popular choice, especially for more compact spaces. Not only is it tailor-made to fit in perfectly, you get something unique for that very personal space.

Black N White House highlights the things to note when customising yours.



For a luxurious look, opt for stone, such as marble or quartz. For a contemporary look, or if you want all your bedroom elements to match, go for veneer and laminate — versatile materials that you can also use to finish the rest of the carpentry.


It is not to be higher than mattress-height, otherwise the sleeper might hit its edges or sharp corners. Keeping it lower and designing it sleeker also helps to minimise bulk, when it comes to the overall bed design.


If floor area is a concern, you can choose just one bedside table to place on one side, instead of having two. Have a bedroom design that plays up an interesting asymmetrical look!


Thoughtful components to integrate include reading lamps, slots for reading material, power sockets and foot lights for night-time navigation.


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