Kitchens have become such a big part of our homes lately, that we pay attention to every detail. So, why stop at the sink? There are different kinds of sinks to suit different needs and styles.



This type is “dropped” into the countertop, and has a rim that holds the sink in place.


+ Easy and inexpensive to install.

+ To replace the sink, you don’t have to replace the countertop. However, you still have to get the same size for it to fit. If you want to minimise costs when changing sinks in future, look for one in a standard size.


+ Generally considered not as good-looking as top edge is visible.

+ Easy for dirt to accumulate around the rim of the sink.



This type is mounted underneath the countertop, so the rim is concealed.


+ Has a modern and clean look, which will suit most kitchens.

+ Can easily wipe debris from countertop into the sink.


+ More costly to install, as sink has to be glued to the underside of the countertop, and some require additional support within the carcass.

+ Has a risk of water seepage into the counter carcass, if job is not done well.

+ To replace the sink, you have to remove the countertop as well.



This type is made of the same material as the countertop, and is actually a part of the countertop.


+ No joints or sink edges to deal with

+ Most aesthetically pleasing as it is visually seamless

+ These are custom-made, allowing you to get specific sizes


+ Most expensive, and price varies with material choices.

+ Needless to say, you’ve to change the whole countertop if you want a new sink.