If I have a long kitchen island and I want a seam-free surface, what materials should I use?

Solid surfacing is your best bet. The solid surface panels are glued together and then sanded to remove the appearance of seams.

I love black, but I want a unique texture. What should I use?

The kitchen countertop is an area that usually sees heavy-duty use. Therefore, a smooth surface makes the kitchen easier to clean. That said, you can go for laminates if you wish to have subtle textures. Another option is to have light patterns on your countertops; surface materials such as laminates, engineered quartz and natural stone offer this.

(Design: Fuse Concept)

Does the island need to be in the same material/colour as the countertops in the rest of the kitchen? 

There are no hard and fast rules. You can opt for a standout colour for the island, to turn it into the star of the space.

Written by Rossara Jamil