The layout and space might be different, but there's one thing that remains constant in any and every home, the television console. Here are some great, some outlandish, but all interesting ideas for the console:

Like what this designer has done, you can turn your console into a decorative feature and hide all the ugly wiring behind a wood feature. We especially love the grilles that can slide close.

Your television in your bathroom? That's only for rich people! And only rich people can afford a tub and bathroom that big! True. But what is appealing about this television is that it rotates! The television can be turned outwards to face the living room and turned inwards to face your HDB flat toilet. Imagine watching television while doing a number two on the loo. The ledge around the television also gives you space to put things you might need. We like. Check out this designer here!

This homeowner decided to go for an old switcheroo and decided to place his television on his glass-encased study wall rather than the usual living room wall. The "floating" television definitely gives brings a sleek new look to the home! Check out this designer here.

How about hiding your television away completely? This designer created a wooden feature with sliding doors that gives enough storage space and neatly hides it all away.

Red brick wall with black shelves? You've got the industrial look down! Add some industrial-look furniture to your space and you're done!