When it comes to our homes, floor plans have really evolved over the years. In the past, having many rooms meant affluence. However, even present-day luxurious mansions are eschewing conventions and doing away with walls. And we know it’s not because there is a lack of space… But before you go knowing down everything, make sure you can live with the consequences.


Easy to monitor children
As there is visual continuity through, you can keep an eye on the little ones while you work or cook.

Allows for more natural light
Instead of solid walls, glass walls, half walls or even no walls enable natural light from windows to reach further in and in all directions.

Encourages social activity
Guests can mingle in all areas and still interact with you while you’re in the kitchen. Same applies to the family on a daily basis.

More versatile
Furniture is easily moved around to change layouts easily as needed.

Appears larger
Since walls or partitions have been removed or minimised, you get one large space over a few separate smaller spaces.



Noise travels easily
Since there is a lack of sound barriers, if someone is listening to music or watching TV, it may be hard to have a phone conversation or may not be conducive to studying or working.

You can’t hide the mess
If your family isn’t the tidy sort, your entire living area will look messy. All the various zones have to be immaculate at any time! They also have to look good together, design-wise.

Less wall space
This may be a problem if you love art, especially paintings, as you’ll have limited walls to hang and display your collection. Also less walls to position furniture against.

The whole place will smell
If you do a lot of heavy cooking, bear in mind that the smells will permeate your home.

Possible high maintenance
A bigger and more open space means that it will take more time and energy to cool down the place with air conditioning. Especially if you have high ceilings.


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