Since 2002, Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, the duo behind Roman and Williams, have designed restaurants, hotels, shops and furniture all over the US. At the end of 2017, they took a bold step with the launch of their flagship store.

Located in Soho, Roman and Williams Guild is spread over 7,000 sq ft and is home to a furniture store, a flower boutique, a cafe and a library. “We view the Guild as part of our home, and we made it the way we like things to be,” say Standefer and Alesch. “It is a democratic sanctuary celebrating quality and the creative daring of craftspeople and artists.”

Good to know: The firm first received the Smithsonian’s National Design Award for Excellence in Interior Design in 2014.

The store has glassware, ceramics and objects from different parts of the world.

Glassware, ceramics, sculptures, lighting fixtures, home accessories and furniture pieces – comprising the original collection designed by Roman and Williams and fabricated with craftspeople – plus objects collected from around the world are on display. For the textiles, Standefer and Alesch collaborated with two legendary companies: Fortuny in Venice, Italy, and de Le Cuona in England.

La Mercerie

The charming space also hosts La Mercerie, a 44-seat French cafe helmed by chef Marie-Aude Rose with pale grey floors, an indigo enamelled kitchen, marble counters and touches of blue. The plates, napkins, candlesticks and tables can all be purchased from the Guild. Botanical expert Emily Thompson manages the flower boutique,which features stunning compositions and a library.

“Gardening and cooking are passions we practise daily at home. In fact, they are what make our home feel like a home and our aim has always been to make the Guild feel similarly welcoming. You will want to pull a book out of the library that’s filled with thoughtfully curated titles and stay,” say Standefer and Alesch.

In this eclectic place, the atmosphere gives the feeling of being at home while every detail awakens the imagination and senses. “We built the Guild because we had a dream we wanted to share and a place where we wanted to be,” Standefer and Alesch confess.

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