Cosentino has just launched its first carbon neutral collection on June 7th, 2021. Titled Sunlit Days, the collection is also the first carbon neutral collection in the global engineered stone industry another milestone in the brand’s continuous journey to raise the bar of sustainable manufacturing. It is also the first collection in Silestone’s new category called the ultimate mineral HybriQ surface.

Silestone Posidonia Green.

The Sunlit Days collection is the first collection launched after Silestone’s logo refresh, which sees the range sporting a new, simplified and modernised logotype.

The collection comprises five exciting colours inspired by life in the Mediterranean and its people. Faro White, Cincel Grey, Arcilla Red, Cala Blue and Posidonia Green offer sun-washed pastel colour that pairs well with virtually all interior styles, ranging from contemporary minimalism to retro-inspired nostalgia.

1. Faro White

Faro White was inspired by Mario, the last keeper of the lighthouse (faro in Spanish) in Cabo de Gata Natural Park in Almeria, Spain. He has been working as the keeper of the photogenic lighthouse for over 28 years.

Faro White in the kitchen.
Faro White in the bathroom.

Faro White’s shade is taken from the sun-drenched wall of the lighthouse, symbolising purity, simplicity and serenity of the landscape.

2. Cincel Grey

Silestone Cincel Grey.

Cincel Grey (from Spanish word cincel, meaning chisel) took inspiration from David, a luthier – a craftsperson who builds and repairs string instruments that have a neck and a sound box – who came from France and stayed in Nijar, Almeria, for the love of sun and music.

Cincel Grey close up.
Cincel Grey in the kitchen.

Cincel Grey’s fine grained, soft grey shade sits perfectly balance between warm and cool tones, and pairs well with both.

3. Arcilla Red

Arcilla Red.

The earthy Arcilla Red was inspired by the clay- (arcilla in Spanish) rich land in Fondon, on which Rober and Maria del Mar grow their vineyard, harvest the grapes and produce their wine.

Arcilla Red in the bathroom.

Arcilla Red is a sensual pastel terracotta colour that will lend character to any interior.

4. Cala Blue

Cala Blue.

You can’t have a collection inspired by the Mediterranean and not look to the vast glittering blue for a colour.

Cala Blue in the bathroom.
Cala Blue in the kitchen.

Cala Blue (from the Spanish word cala, meaning cove) is a gentle, decidedly grown-up pastel blue that lends calmness and airiness to any interior ensemble.

5. Posidonia Green

Posidonia Green in the bathroom.

Both Cala Blue and Posidonia green (the name taken from a seaweed species Posidonia oceanica) were inspired by Fernando and Maria, activists at NGO Equilibrio Marino, who advocates marine conservation and carries out initiatives to clean up reefs, seabeds, beaches and coasts from plastic waste like fishing nets and plastic bottles.

Posidonia Green in the kitchen.

Posidonia Green evokes the colour of clean seaweed meadows that is at once gentle and invigorating. The pastel green pairs well with natural materials.

The Sunlit Days collection is manufactured using Cosentino’s HybriQ+ technology, which uses 99 per cent re-used water from the production processes, 100 per cent renewable electric energy and a minimum of 20 per cent recycled raw materials in its composition. Beautiful and ecologically responsible – what’s not to love?

Download the Sunlit Days catalogue here.
Find out more at about Cosentino’s complete offerings here or view the materials at Cosentino City Singapore showroom at 34 Duxton Road by calling 6213-9543.

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